7 Times Humans Went Above And Beyond To Rescue Dogs From Danger [VIDEOS]

Dog Rescue

(Picture Credit: Shauna Whitaker / EyeEm/Getty Images)

As pet parents, we lean on our furry family members for a lot of things. No matter whether we’re sad, angry, or just in need of a cuddle, we depend on them when we need them.

They are there for us without question, and their companionship and love mean everything. That’s why when they need us, we do whatever it takes to help them.

Here are seven videos of humans going above and beyond to rescue dogs from danger.

WARNING: Some of these videos might upset you at the start, as they show dogs who are in peril. But don’t worry–they all have happy endings with all dogs being rescued.

Also, do NOT attempt any rescues like this on your own. You will likely put yourself and the dog in much more danger. Call professionals, like the fire department, instead.

1. Man Saves Two Dogs In Frozen Lake

If you’ve ever been to the northeast part of the US during winter time, you know it can get cold. Dropping to icy temps, lakes and river surfaces freeze to a point where you can walk across them. And that’s what happened with two Golden Retrievers in Yonkers, New York.

Thinking they were walking across a solid lake, they both soon found themselves stranded when the ice below them broke.

All was not lost, however, as a man and his dog found them during one of their walks. The man, and even his dog, risked hypothermia as they crushed through the icy surfaces of the lake to get to both stranded pooches.

We’re so glad the man saved the dogs! That said, you should always call authorities to help if you see a dog trapped in icy water. They’re pros who have equipment and training for the situation.

Most people who try to save dogs from icy water end up making the situation much worse and more dangerous for both themselves and the dogs they’re trying to save.

2. Man Rappels Into Well To Save Dog

In India, a small pup found himself trapped in a large polluted well with no chance of escape.

The Blue Cross of India was called, and a man needed to rappel down the well, as there was no way to climb down safely.

The pup was scared at first as the rescuer approached him. To ease the young dog’s anxiety, the rescuer took his gloves off so the pup could sniff him.

Eventually the dog came close enough for the rescuer to place him in a blue net so they could safely lift him out of the dangerous well. In the end, the pup was free and out of danger!

3. Man Runs Into Burning Home To Rescue Dog

This is another example of something you should absolutely never attempt on your own.

In this news clip, a man runs to the rescue to save a life. After living in their new home for only two months, a fire broke out. Fortunately, the man’s wife and children were not home. But there was one member of the family who was still in danger.

About 50 seconds into the clip, we see the man run into the back of the house, past the firefighters who were working to put the fire out. He ignores their warnings–again, something you should never do–as he runs towards the fire to find his beloved Pit Bull.

A minute or so later we see the man and his best friend running out safely. Both he and his dog were very lucky to get out.

We don’t recommend doing what he did. He could have endangered his own life, and the firefighters may have needed to rescue him, too. However, it all worked out for the best this time.

4. Firefighter Saves Senior Dog From Drowning

It’s alarming how a seemingly normal day by the lake can almost turn into tragedy. The family in the video above, for instance, was spending their day with their twelve-year-old dog, Junior, by the lake.

An excited Junior found himself too close to the edge and fell into the water. The fire department arrived on the scene, and one firefighter jumped into the water to save Junior who was struggling to stay afloat.

They eventually pulled Junior out and reunited him with his family at the end of the video.

5. Soldier Does Everything To Bring Puppy Home From War Zone

This is an incredible story of one soldier’s endurance and determination as he brought his best friend home from a war-torn country.

The soldier in the video above was deployed in Syria to search for and destroy IEDs. During one of his missions, he came across a small pup hiding underneath rubble.

After gaining the little dog’s trust, the soldier was able to take him back to his camp where they became best friends. The pup even improved the morale of the camp, and they always had treats and toys for him when he visited.

Eventually the soldier was sent back home to the UK, but he couldn’t just leave his best friend. It took months of quarantine and working with animal charities to get Barrie back to his dad’s arms, but it proved successful, as he finally reunited with his soldier.

6. People Create Human Chain To Save Dog In Canal

This inspiring video displays the power of teamwork.

A dog was stranded in a large canal. As the pup stood on the edge, moments from being swept away by the power of the water, a man slid down to pull him out.

Although the dog was out of immediate danger, there was still the hurdle of figuring out how both man and dog could climb back up to safety. That’s when three complete strangers came in to try and help.

Forming a human chain, they worked together to pull the stranded man and dog out of danger. It fails the first time until a fourth man comes to help extend the chain. They tried one more time with success.

This video is a testament to the best of humanity and how far we would go to help our pups.

7. Duo Hikes Six Hours To Save Neglected Pup In Remote Village

Another incredible story where humans push themselves to the limits to save a dog in distress, the duo in the video above was called to action after hearing about a neglected dog in a mountain village.

Somewhere deep in the forests of Taiwan, a dog who lost both his front paws was living homeless and abandoned in a small village that you can only access on foot. The two humans from Animal Care Trust accepted the mission and trekked six hours on foot just to get to the village.

When they got there, they found the pup lying under some stacked plastic chairs. After a few minutes, they were able to gain the hurt pup’s trust, tended to his wounds, and placed him in a rucksack to carry him another six hours back to civilization.

Eventually, over time, the pup fully healed from his wounds and was adopted by a restaurateur.

How far would you go to save a dog in trouble? Do you know any more amazing stories of humans saving dogs? Let us know in the comments below!