Fur Laughs: Kick Summer Off With These Funny Dogs Who Love The Water [VIDEO]

We dare you to have a better time than a dog charging down a water slide! Can you find more zen than a Pit Bull taking a candle-lit bath?

The dogs in the video above will make you want to stop what you’re doing, start enjoying summer, and get in the pool. Or tub. Or sink if you can manage it. Heck, you might even want to just splash your galoshes in a puddle.

Whatever you do, make like these dogs and enjoy yourself! Have a happy summer and get in the water with your dog!

And Remember A Few Quick Summer Safety Tips For Dog Parents!

Yorkshire terrier floating on water on an inflatable flamingo

(Picture Credit: Westend61/Getty Images)

Whether you’re enjoying the water or spending time with your pooch on land, summer presents a few dangers that dog parents need to watch out for.

Here are a nine summer safety tips from Dr. Kurt Venator, DVM, PhD:

  • 1. Watch out for sunburns. Don’t let dogs spend too much time in the sun, and you may want to apply dog sunscreen.
  • 2. Keep the bugs away. Make sure your dogs’ flea, tick, mosquito, and insect protection is current.
  • 3. Stay safe by the pool. Don’t assume dogs know how to swim. Always supervise, and give dogs fresh water to stop them from drinking pool water.
  • 4. Stay safe in natural bodies of water. Follow safety guidelines and warnings. Swim where it’s shallow enough for dogs to stand.
  • 5. Don’t leave dogs in the car. Car interiors can get deadly hot in minutes during summer.
  • 6. Beware summer barbecues. Many human foods are dangerous for dogs. Don’t let guests feed them table scraps.
  • 7. Watch for overheating. Keep dogs hydrated and indoors during hot hours. Panting and trouble breathing can be early signs of overheating.
  • 8. Keep paws safe. Pavement can get hot enough to burn paws. Walk on grass or get dogs some protective booties.
  • 9. Check the diet and exercise routine. Some dogs are more active in summer. Talk to your vet about their diet and whether you should limit exercise.

Click here to read our full summer safety interview with Dr. Kurt Venator, and visit Hooplaha for more awesome videos!

Does your dog love the water as much as these pups? Are you planning to swim with your pooch this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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