Project Puppy

  • Project puppy: Parenting Prep

    Project puppy: Parenting Prep

    Once you have chosen your new puppy, the whole family will surely be excitedly anticipating his or her arrival into their new home. The pup’s first days will go smoothly and safely if you abide by the old saying that preparation is key to success. Much like preparing for a human baby, there are necessities […]

  • Teach pup to be alone: 5 tips

    Teach pup to be alone: 5 tips

    I am convinced that sweet puppy breath is nature’s form of Love Potion No. 9. Once exposed, you become intoxicated and powerless to do anything but reschedule your life so that you can spend as much time with your new puppy as possible. Days pass and you feel your mood and spirit lighten as you […]

  • Becoming your puppy’s leader

    Becoming your puppy’s leader

    For the past 25 or so years there has been a lot of talk in the dog world about being your dog’s leader. Some feel this aptly describes the role we should take with our dogs and others feel it is a word too closely associated with a sort of military approach to the canine/human […]

  • Project Puppy: first installment

    Project Puppy: first installment

    A few years ago, a friend of mine who is a well-known animal photographer asked me to assist her with handling dogs on a shoot she was doing for a pet food company. The photos were to be used for the packaging and advertisements for this new brand. Throughout the two days of shooting we […]

  • Project Puppy: Take a test drive

    Project Puppy: Take a test drive

    Once you have your general list started on paper, plan to visit local dog training schools to make a more specific assessment of types of dogs that you might consider most suitable for your family. This is a great place to meet loads of puppies and adult dogs, and to learn a bit more about […]

  • Project puppy: socialization

    Project puppy: socialization

    Early and ongoing positive encounters with a wide variety of people is at the core of helping your puppy to grow into an adult dog who is friendly and enjoys the company of people. However, each dog will have its unique preferences and tendencies, particularly in regards to social relationships. Some dogs tend to be […]

  • Project Puppy: Size and activity level

    Project Puppy: Size and activity level

    One of the great joys of sharing your life with a dog is the fact that they have the potential to act as ambassadors for making new friends and acquaintances. People are far more likely to strike up a conversation with you when you are with a dog. On the down side, people are also […]

  • Project puppy: mixed breed or purebred?

    Project puppy: mixed breed or purebred?

    Mixed Breed or Purebred? I was quite pleased to find that all but one of the dogs that had been called in to audition as a spokesdog was a mixed breed. While I adore dogs of all shapes and sizes, and have a particular passion for understanding the history of breeds, I am thrilled when […]

  • Project Puppy: care and expense

    Project Puppy: care and expense

    Bringing home a dog is a lifetime commitment, the first of which can be the most expensive money- and time-wise. Veterinary expenses In an ideal world, a puppy would require veterinary visits for only the most routine vaccinations and checkups. Unfortunately, some dogs tend to be more prone to health issues. If you are considering […]

  • Choosing a puppy: the ABCs

    Choosing a puppy: the ABCs

    Thinking about a new puppy? Your first steps… Ask for assistance The pet food company had chosen my friend for her superb photography skills, but also as an expert who could assist them in making their final spokesdog choice. Likewise, it is advisable for families to enlist the support of a trainer or shelter staff […]