9 Reasons Your Dog Should Be Your Valentine [VIDEO]

dog dachshund with roses wants to be your valentine

(Picture Credit: Liliya Kulianionak/Getty images)

Your dog is the love of your life! There’s no need to sign up for dating sites; just look down, and they’re right there.

So this year for Valentine’s Day, skip all the human drama, expensive gifts, and courtship rituals, and just let your dog be your Valentine.

There’s no one who will appreciate you more. Check out the video below that shows exactly why your pup deserves to be your Valentine this year!

Here Are 9 Reasons Your Dog Should Be Your Valentine

In case you didn’t catch the reasons your dog should be your Valentine the first time around, here they are again:

  • They always show their affection.
  • They love long walks.
  • They will make you laugh.
  • They are always excited to see you!
  • They love to reenact classic movie moments!
  • They can lay out flower petals.
  • They shower you with kisses!
  • They are playful!
  • They will run into your arms!

And Remember To Make It A Safe And Fun Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is a holiday to show your love to someone special, and your dog certainly should be that special someone.

However, remember to keep your dog safe. Holiday candy, especially chocolate, can make your dog very sick. Furthermore, if they get a hold of any candy, call your vet.

Additionally, keep any shiny, non-edible presents out of reach, too. You don’t want them to swallow something by mistake. Getting your new jewelry back won’t be fun.

Also, just because your true love isn’t human doesn’t mean you need to skip the gifts. Your dog would love a new toy, a long walk, or just spending time with you on the couch. So give your pooch some extra TLC to show you care.

Are you doing anything special for your dog on Valentine’s Day? Is your pup going to be your doggy date? Then let us know in the comments below!