Furnishings and furniture: gifts for dogs and dog lovers

Great gifts for the dog who appreciates downtime — and the human with an eye for style.

Dog Duvet Covers

Planet Momo Dog Duvet Covers

Molly Mutt’s stylish duvet covers can be stuffed with old towels and clothes or used to replace an existing, worn-out pet bed cover. Zippered and gussetted, the heavy cotton canvas fabric is tough and machine washable. Manna from heaven for eco-conscious pet owners.

Drinkwell 360° Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

No more waiting in line to quench their thirst with Drinkwell’s new 360° fountain. The circular basin allows multiple pets to drink simultaneously and the constant circulation and filtration of the water keeps it tasting fresh so pets drink more (important for avoiding urinary tract infections). The fountain has a one gallon capacity and comes with five water spouts.

360° Pet Fountain

Cuddle Up Pup Set

Cuddle Up Pup

The Cuddle Up Pup set by arabella & fern, contains a Cudgie (small blanket), a Woof Warmer (re-useable microwaveable heat pack), a heartbeat pillow and a chomper (a small rope toy for your pup to chew on). The set is designed to comfort your puppy by stimulating some of the same feelings he felt when he was with his mom, making the transition to his new home a peaceful one.

Dishy Dog Diner Raised Feeder

Stylish and practical, Dishy Dog Diner’s elevated dining tables lessen the amount of air swallowed by a dog during feeding time which helps the digestion process and minimizes the risk of bloat. These raised feeders are made of durable clear acrylic with rubber feet, can be personalized with Dishy Decals, and are available in 22 sizes.

Dishy Dog Diners

Posh Puppy Beds

Posh Puppy Boutique Plush Dog Beds

All dogs enjoy curling up in the comfort of a nest bed with its bolstered sides and soft center. Made with heavy-weight, luxurious fabrics, Posh Puppy Boutique’s sumptuous, bolstered beds are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes to ensure a perfect fit.