Video Review | Kibble Nibble Ball from Muttropolis

Video Review | Kibble Nibble Ball from Muttropolis


Kibble Nibble Treat BallTreats, treats and more treats…ourpups are spoiled rotten! It’s nice to make them work for their treats occasionally.That’s why we’re always on the look-out for fun, interactive treat toys like the Kibble Nibble Dog Feeder Ball from Muttropolis.

Kaya and the Kibble Nibble Ball Keeping our pups physically and mentally stimulated is an important part of their care.I hopeputting their little “noodles” to work regularly will help keepdoggy dementia at bayas they grow older.

The Kibble Nibbleis a plastic, egg-shaped toy which unscrews allowngpet owners to load it withup to 2 cups of food or a reasonable amount of treats.

The dogs love it!We clipped a couple of the “treat meters” so theKibble Ballwould spread a little more of its bounty a little more often then watched as it kept Kaya busy for an hour!

Therubber design that adorns theball is reallyanice touch, it keeps noise to a minimum while the hounds roll the ball around on our wood floor.

Watch Kaya test the Kibble Nibble in our video review

The Kibble Nibble Dog Feeder Ball passes our test!

The Kibble Nibbleis available at and sells for $22. Muttropolis carries a wide array of puppyparaphernalia, everything fromleashes totoys; treats toapparel; and strollers to memorials, so take some time to browse their virtual aisles while you’re there. Lots of great bargains and information!

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