Tagabiner | Pet Tag Holder

Tagabiner | Pet Tag Holder



Tagabiner Pet Tag HolderI just discovered what could possibly be a genius invention! The TagabinerPet Tag Holder. With one easy screw you can put your dog’s tags on your dog’s collar, yes it really is THAT easy. No more searching for pliers to get the S-hooks on, which are sure to come undone within the next six months. No more broken nails or bent wire trying to get those key chain type holders around the D-ring on the dogs collar! Not to mention if your dog has more than one collar or a collar and a harness this is the easiest way to make sure your dog’s tags can stay on him. If you have ever had a lost dog you know how important this can be.

Another plus of purchasing the Tagabiner is 10% of all proceeds are donated to charities that help abused and abandoned animals. The Tagabiner can be purchased online for $10.99 plus $2 for shipping and handling.


5 Paws Up!The Tagabiner gets a 5 paw rating from our review panel!

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