Customizable Pet ID Tags by Dog Tag Art

Pet Product Review: Customizable Pet ID Tags by Dog Tag Art

Dog Tag Art

What a fun delivery to receive from the creative team at Dog Tag Art!

Shake with Dog Tag Art
If you’re looking for a petID tag that’s different and reflects your pet’s inner dog or cat, I recommend taking a click-trip to the Dog Tag Art website. They have hundreds of designs to browse through! I found everything from cute to edgy; practical to hysterical and; classy to retro. If you really want a one-of-a-kind tag, you can upload a picture of your own. You can even “become an artist” by submitting your designs and, if they’re chosen, receive $1 for each of your tags that are sold!
The team sent our Great Dane, Shakespeare, his very own portrait of the Bard! It’s adorable! The graphic is high quality and has his name, my name, phone and address printed on the flip-side. In addition to being incredibly fun, the tags that alert folks of your pet’s allergy could save her life.
You can customize and order your tags on the Dog Tag Art website. The cost per tag is $11.99 unless you take advantage of their “Summer Special,” which gives you 1 free tag for every 3 you buy (shipping = $1.99). For $5.96 per month you can also sign-up for their “Virtual Leash” lost dog service (30 day free trial).
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