Nelli Designs Memorial and Gift Candles for Pet Lovers

Nelli Designs Pet Lover's Candles

Nelli Designs - Memorial candle for Sasha

Nelli is the adorable Labrador Kathy and her husband Tom adopted from Homeward Bound after their beloved Maggiepassed away and Maggie’s Light Candlesare Nelli’s way of honoring her predecessor.

Nelli Designs Pet Memorial CandlesThe olderI get, the more pets Iadd tomy list of angels whowillrun upto greetme whenI reach those pearly gates (it always makes me smile when Ivisualizethat scene). But how can I memorialize my past loves?

I think Maggie’s Light Memorial Candlesare awonderfulway to honora pet whohas passedand a thoughtful giftfora friend orfamily memberwhois grievingover their ownloss.

You can attach your pet’s tag to the candle’s collar orselect a tag engraved with anan inspirational quote and yourpet’s name.

The candle’s soft glowand gentle scentaredelightfully soothing, invitingus to take a moment to reflect on all of the waysour special pet brought joyand love to our lives.

Nelli Designs Maggie's Light Candles

TheRolling in the Grass scent isabsolutely heavenly!Ikept the candleonmy nightstand lastnight and even unlit, it gave off the most delicious fragrance.

Withyour special message engraved on the tag, Maggie’s Light Gift Candles makeexcellentgifts for first time pet owner’s, puppy party hostesses andholidays.

Theseclean burningcandles come unscented or inRolling in the Grass (dogs), Daffodils (cats),and Saddle scents (horses). There are a variety of decorative collars and two sizesofMaggie’s Light Candlesto choose from:12.5 oz (burns for 30 – 40 hours) and 21 oz. (burns for 60 – 80 hours). They sell for $24.95 and $30.95 and can be purchased at

Nelli Designs gives back!$1 from every sale of a Maggie’s Light candleis donated to:

Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation(for sales outside MN)

Homeward Bound Rescue Organization of MN(for sales within Minnesota)

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