The Pet JetSetter | Doggie Diaper Bag by Metzger’s Designs


Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmothers house we go. This statement often rings true for me and my family. If we aren’t headed out of town to see my husbands family we like to enjoy the mountains of Colorado. Either way I have to pack an extra bag for my dog. Up until recently that bag was usually an old grocery sack. This proved to be very frustrating because half way through the trip the bag would either tear or get used for something else, leaving my dogs belongings all over the back of the car.

The Pet JetSetter by Metzger’s Designskeeps me from having to search all over my car during a trip for my dogs leash or the poop bags. It’s in a sense a “diaper bag” for dogs. With labeled pockets on the outside of the bag for food and water bowls, treats, a brush and a mesh pocket for a water bottle this bag helps keep everything very organized. ThePet JetSetter zips open to a very roomy and stylish inside to carry all other canine essentials. If you are in a pinch and need a leash quickly you can easily transform the long removable handle of the bag into a temporary leash.

Pet JetSetter Bags

The Pet JetSetter by Metzger’s Designs gets five paws up from the review panel! It is a definite must have for dogs on go.

5 Paws Up!

The Pet JetSetter is available online for $39.99, $10 more for personalization.

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