The Petphoria Bag

Pet Product Review: The Petphoria Bag by Petphoria


Petphoriabag_thumbEver go to take your dog on a walk or jog and find you just do not have enough hands to carry everything you want to bring with you? Keys, cell phone, poop bags, training treats, a ball to play fetch with at the park, etc. Something always ends up being left behind. The Petphoria Bag could be a solution to all these problems.


It’s a durable, versatile, yet fashionable dog bag, just big enough to pack everything you need, yet small enough to take along and not feel bogged down. It has a loop and carabineer which allows you to clip it onto a leash, you can put the loop around your wrist or clip it to a belt loop or stroller or even pack the bag for a day trip to the mountains and throw it in your car.

The Petphoria Bag has a thick lined plastic interior, allowing you to carry used poop bags and then easily disinfect afterward. It has 4 exterior pockets, which Velcro at the top, one specifically designed to dispense poop bags (a roll of 20 comes with the bag).

My dog is leash shy and will not poop while he is on leash so I could not test the bag for this purpose, but I found the bag absolutely perfect for my cell phone, keys, Kleenex, treats and even threw in a few juice pouches for the kids to head to the park for a few hours.

5 Paw Rating5 paws up for The Petphoria Bag!

The Petphoria Bag can be purchased in several different styles and sells for between $30 & $50 on The Petphoria Bag website.

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