Boa Lite Leash, Pod & Kung Fu Collar with poo bag dispensers by Alite Designs

Pet Product Review – Boa Lite Leash, Pod & Kung Fu Collar with poo bag dispensers by Alite Designs

Alite Designs

Boa PodKung Fu CollarBoa Lite Leash

Great new products from an exciting new camping/outdoor equipment company! Thanks Alite Designs !

Boa Pod bag dispenser

Ever get halfway through your walk only to realize you forgot to bring something to scoop the poop? Or, Fluffy decides to do her business at the park long before you’ve reached the public poo-bag dispenser? Fear no more! Alite Designs has 3 new products to ensure we will never be caught bag-less again: Boa Lite Leash, Kung Fu Collar & Boa Pod each contain a roll of poo bags cleverly concealed in a zippered pocket. The Pod and Leash also have a couple of “stash” pockets, great for storing keys or training treats.

Jade with her Boa Lite Leash

Jade’s owner, Kathleen, says, “I love the Boa Leash. It’s just the right length for Jade and now I can just grab her leash and go! I don’t waste precious walk-time searching for a bag.” Just pull a bag from the dispenser and another takes its place, ready to tackle the next big (or little) job. If you already own the perfect leash, the Boa Pod with Velcro tabs gives you the option of affixing it to your current leash.

5_paws_thumb Stylish, well-made, clever concept & design. The Secret Shopper Panel gives the Boa Leash, Pod and Kung Fu Collar 5 paws up!

You can purchase all 3 items on the Alite Designs website: Boa Lite Leash $30| Kung Fu Collar $18| Boa Pod $13.
SS bonus find: Check out Alite Design’s Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag with built-in padded slippers. What a hoot! I may get one just to wear around the house this winter!