Hawaiian Poi Dog Shampoo by Lanikai Bath & Body

Pet Product Review – Hawaiian Poi Dog Shampoo by Lanikai Bath & Body

President Obama giving Bo a Poi Dog bath

When I learned Bo Obama had used Lanikai Poi Dog shampoo when in Hawaii, I contacted Lanikai Bath and Body to see if they would like to send a bottle for review. They mentioned that Bo had been out in the wind and rain for a week while visiting the tropical paradise, so the Poi Dog shampoo had come in quite handy. No doubt it liberated the poor little guy from that stinky, wet-dog smell.

In Hawaiian, Lanikai means “royal sea” or “heavenly” and Poi Dog is the term used to describe mixed-breed dogs. Used by Hawaiian dogs of all breeds, Poi Dog Island Mango is a lightly scented, all-natural dog shampoo that contains essential oils, including soothing aloe and moisturizing jojoba. All of Lanikai’s adult, child and pet products are cruelty free and safe for our environment.
The arrival of our Poi Dog sample was perfectly timed since our lap-dog/Great Dane, Shakespeare, was due for some tub-time. The shampoo is very thick and easily worked-up into a nice, rich lather. The aroma is delightful; just the right balance of fruit, flowers and herbs. For the remainder of the day, my daughter would spontaneously hug Shakespeare and exclaim, “He smells so good!” Now if I could just convince my boss that he needs to fly me to Hawaii to purchase more Poi Dog for the entire staff…
5 Paw Rating 5 clean paws up for Lanikai Poi Dog shampoo
You can purchase Poi Dog Island Mango shampoo on the Lanikai Bath and Body website ($10.50 for an 8.5 oz bottle).Bo Obama Dog Blog
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