Celebrating the Year of the Rabbit

Happy Chinese New Year.

According to the San Francisco Examiner (so it’s gotta be true, right?), we can expect peace and harmony this Year of the Rabbit. Great, I’m ready.

It seems that waiting for a rabbit – even one of the symbolic variety – to bring tranquility might actually be more prudent than counting on us humans to do it. Whether it’s animal welfare or world hunger or education, we’re nowhere near respect and compassion for all.

Chinese zodiac aficionados promise an easy, slow-paced 2011, especially in contrast to the Tiger’s frenzied and turbulent last twelve months. Like the conflict-averse and docile bunny, this year it’s all about gettin’ along.

Ok. I’m willing to look to the Rabbit for inspiration, if not outright answers. Will it work? Don’t ask me – I was born in the Year of the Dog.

PS. Live in the Santa Fe, New Mexico, region or visiting there now? Ginger, pictured above, is available for adoption at the local Humane Society.