Tough by Nature Invincible Chains Tug Toy by JW Pet Company

Pet Product Review – Tough by Nature Invincible Chains tug toy by JW Pet Company

JW Pet CompanyTough by Nature Invincible Chains $6.29-$8.99

Tough by Nature iSqueak Bones $4.69-$6.79Tough by Nature Ruffians Dog Toys $4.99-$7.99

Shakespeare & Invincible Chain
Our Great Dane cannot get enough tug-of-war time! His humans, and the toys, always wear out long before Shakespeare is ready to take a break so, when I spotted the Invincible Chains at PetSmart, I just had to give them a try.
The three heavy-duty, interlocked rubber rings did not disappoint! These things are seriously tough! Shakespeare loves them and they look like they will last a very long time. Much, much longer than any tug toys we’ve tried in the past. Finally, a tug toy strong enough to withstand the powerful jaws of a Giant Breed pup! We will most definitely be buying more of the Tough by Nature toys!

Tough by Nature Invincible Chains come in small and large, double and triple lengths and sell for $6.29- $8.99 at

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