Swingin’ Safari Animals & Hide-A-Bee Puzzle Plush from Licks & Giggles

Pet Product Review – Swingin’ Safari Animals & Hide-A-Bee Puzzle Plush from Licks & Giggles

Licks and Giggles Boutique

Swingin' Safari PetsHide-A-Bee Puzzle

The panel is always eager to test new toys and send their howls of gratitude to the team at Licks & Giggles Boutique for sending two great plush toys for their review.

Shake & Hide-A-Bee

Shakespeare loves the Hide-a-Bee Puzzle toy! His owner, Jessie, hid treats in the hive and Shake had a great time pulling all of the bees out in order to get at the treats. Smart dog! Puzzles like the Hide-A-Bee are great entertainment for pups and really challenge their problem solving skills. They’re also loads of fun for the owners who gets to watch their little “Einstein” in action!

Shake & Swingin' Safari GiraffeShakespeare is all about tug-of-war so he immediately took to the Swingin’ Safari Giraffe. It is now one of his favorite toys! It is well-made, but as always, we supervise him when he plays with plush toys just in case he’s able to get through to the stuffing. Now, whenever you see Shakespeare, you’ll also see his giraffe within easy grabbing distance!
You can purchase the Hide-A-Bee plush toy for $18.00 and the Swingin’ Safari Giraffe for $12.00 online at the Licks and Giggles Boutique. Licks and Giggles carries a vast array of pet items including toys, furniture, treats, apparel and grooming supplies.
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