Interactive Pet Puzzles from Posh Puppy Boutique

Pet Product Review – Interactive pet puzzles from Posh Puppy Boutique

Posh Puppy Boutique

The panel has been begging to test some interactive dog puzzles and thanks to the team at the Posh Puppy Boutique they finally got their chance!

Dogs are hunters by nature and masters at locating food sources (love those garbage cans). They have an innate problem-solving ability that when left unchallenged can cause them to act-out in destructive ways(e.g. inappropriatediggingor chewing). Interactive puzzles provide our pets with the mental stimulation they need and crave.They also providetheir owners with hours of enjoyment as they watch their genius pets problem-solve. You can almost hear the wheels in their heads turning!

Aikiou Puzzle

Aikiou (Pronounced IQ) Bowl

The Aikiou is a plastic, paw shaped puzzle with 6 compartments hidden beneath a wheel that can be nudged and rotated and 4 double sided compartments with sliding covers. Shakespeare took the first crack at it and though he figured it out quickly, he had some difficulty getting treats out ofcorners because of the size of his muzzle (I have no doubt that he will eventuallyput his tongue to work). Jadewas also quick to learn the tricks to uncovering the treats and was able to easily gobble up every crumb. Jade loves this puzzle and is constantly sniffing and checking each compartment to see if her humans have restocked it with treats. Not too difficult, fun, easy to clean and load, heavy plastic seems durable, we love this toy! $32.00

Dog Brick Puzzle

Dog Brick Interactive Puzzle

In Nina Ottosson’s Dog Brick Puzzle the treats are hidden in recesses beneath the “bricks.” You can increase the level of difficulty by placing pegs in between the bricks which block them from opening until the peg is removed (you can also hide treats under the pegs). After sliding the bricks back and forth to show Shake the treats, he was soon moving the bricks on his own with his nose or paw. We then added some wooden pegs and again, after showing him the treats beneath the pegs, he eventually figured out how to knock them over with his nose. Interestingly, when we placed the puzzle in front of him the following day, he had forgotten how toexpose the treats and had to figure it out all over again! Great brain toy, different levels of difficulty, sturdy and easy to clean, we love this puzzle too! $65.00

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