Collars & Leashes With Personality From Licks & Giggles Boutique

Pet Product Review: Collars & leashes with personality from Licks & Giggles Boutique

Licks & Giggles Boutique

Metro CollarPink Boho CollarDaisy Collar

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Maybe wearing the Garden Party Collar & Lead Set
Secret Shopper Panel Member, Maybe, is the lucky dog who tested the Garden Party collar and leash set from Licks & Giggles and her owner, Leslie, had some high praise for these stylish accessories, “This collar and leash set is precious! I love the contrast between the various shades of pink and the rich chocolate brown — beautiful color combo. The pieces each have a good heft to them so I think they’ll hold up well. But what I really like is the softness it gives to the appearance of my pit bull, Maybe. Matches her sweet personality and reinforces the idea that she’s a gentle, loving, adorable little pup!”

The collars, harnesses and collar & lead sets run from $28 to $60 and can be purchased on the Licks & Giggles website . Licks and Giggles carries a vast array of pet items including: Toys, tents, travel gear, sport team accessories, furniture, treats, apparel and grooming supplies! And that’s just to name a few! Indulge yourself by taking a trip to the Licks & Giggles Boutique .

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