Pink Poodle Bakery fresh baked treats & meals

Pet Product Reviews – Pink Poodle Bakery fresh baked treats & meals


What a wonderful delivery we received from the Pink Poodle Bakery! A box of scrumptious looking treats, all vacuum sealed and lovingly tied with ribbons.

We enlisted the assistance of several of our panel members for this taste test. The result? The panel’s highest rating of 5 paws and a pack of salivating hounds craving more, more, more:


These treats look so yummy, I just had to try a bite of one of the Carob Chip Cookies myself! It was good! The Pink Poodle baked goods come in an incredible variety of shapes and flavors like: Pumpkin Twists, Peanut Butter Crunch Drops, Blueberry Cookies, Zucchini Mini Muffins, and much, much, more! They are all made with prime human grade ingredients, no additives, preservatives, artificial coloring or flavoring.

I can’t wait to try their homemade Redi-Meals, like the Sloppy Pups made with ground bison, their secret fresh tomato sauce using fresh ingredients, slow-simmered, layered on fresh oat bread, topped with fresh grated cheese or, the Turkey Dinner with free range turkey, organic, allergen free oat bread, gravy, carrot and fresh dressing made with non-grain bread crumbs and fresh spices and herbs (both pictured above). The photos make ME salivate!

Prices for the baked goods range between $2.98 and $9.98, depending on the selection and package size. The Redi-Meals are $9.98 for a 1 pound package or, save some money by ordering 8 or 15 meals at a time. Both can be purchased on the Pink Poodle website. They also offer event planning through their Pink Poodle Party service including videos, photos and memory books of the event.

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