Dogtronics Motion Toy

Pet Product Review – Dogtronics Motion Toy

OMG! OMG! OMG! Do you want to have fun? I can not tell you how much fun Charlie and I have been having with the Dogtronic Nutty Squirrel Motion toy that the good people at Worldwise, Inc. sent to us. I LOVE THIS TOY!


Seriously be prepared for hours of hilarious entertainment. The Dogtronic Motion Toy is an innovative electronic dog toy that engages your dog with light, sound and motion. Not only does it occupy your dog’s every moment, but its fun for both you and the dog. The toy was designed to promote the instinct of hunt with your dog. The best people to tell you how it works is Worldwise, Inc. Here is their description from their website:


Switch on your dog’s excitement and energy level with this jittery, jumpy plush squirrel toy.

• unpredictable movement trigger’s your dog’s prey instinct

• on/off switch activates the irresistibly erratic motion

• encourages healthy physical and mental activity

• replaceable batteries for long-lasting fun


• soft plush toy body houses motion module

• requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)

• for dogs of all sizes

• NOTE: Read instructions/safety info on package before use

frequently asked questions – nutty squirrel:

What will my dog like about this toy?

All dogs have a natural prey drive (the hunting instinct) which is most often triggered through sight or sound. Erratic, scampering movements signal the presence of prey to a dog and most find the motion instinctually exciting. Motion toys like our nutty squirrel gives your dog a natural incentive to engage with a toy.

All I can tell you is that my dog Charlie has so much fun. He tosses this toy around for hours, kicks up his hind paws with delights, barks with glee and afterwards sleeps so peacefully. Again, I love this toy!

You can find the full range of Dogtronic Motion Toys at Walmart for $9.99. They make the perfect doggie gift. Get one.

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