Beautiful moose

I’d started out this entry intending to write about two separate cruelty issues. I’ll likely come back to each at some point, but for whatever reason today, I had to put them aside.

Animal welfare is a tough field. Whether you’re writing, fostering, tending to wounded kittens, feeding horses, socializing dogs, lobbying for the humane treatment of livestock, or rescuing wild animals in the Gulf, there’s no part of this work that isn’t draining on some level. And some days, it gets to be too much.

Today was one of those days for me. I couldn’t finish the entry. I couldn’t see past my anger. So when I received this link from my old college roommate, I welcomed the distraction. Truth be told, I usually don’t click anything even remotely animal related until I’m certain I’m in a space I can handle what may be upsetting footage. But today I took a risk… and it paid off.

There is nothing depressing, upsetting, or anger-inducing in this video. There’s no part you should cover your eyes for. It is pure bliss. And it’s nice to cry tears of joy once in a while.

Thank you, Kristin.