Product Review: DOOG All Weather Walkers Belt

Pet Product Review – DOOG All Weather Walkers Belt

You know what i love about April???? Summer is right around the corner! You know what I love about Summer, super long walks with my best bud, Champ on the beach and in the mountains or just on the city streets. There are days when we can walk for hours.

DOOG bag

Well, the people at DOOG, which stands for Dog Owners Outdoor Gear sent me a sample of their professional All Weather Dog Walkers Belt. Did they read my mind or what? This is a beautiful and practical gift. What the DOOG All Weather Walkers Belt comprises is a waist pack style belt with multiple compartments. My immediate review is that I love the belt. The one that was sent to me was a cherry red color, but they also come in Black, Camo, Pastel Green and Polka Dot. The material is an indestructible nylon that has been treated with an antibacterial agent. There are compartments for treats, keys and money, and it comes fully loaded with two packs of waste bags. A loop is added to clip on your cell phone or iPod and there is a carabiner for hooking on leashes.

Now as much as i love the belt, I gave it to Champ’s dog walker Cathy. Cathy was very grateful as she does use all of these features and walks dogs for about 3 hours a day. She did mention to me that she wished the front pouch was bigger as she carries a good sized baggie of treats for her dog, and she was concerned that the waste bags would run out in a day, and it might be very expensive to replace. She did say, however that the red styling, was a significant improvement from her 5 year old fanny pack.

All in all, if you’re looking for a gift for yourself or for a dog lover, this one hits the spot. But, if you’re a professional dog walker, you might want something that can accommodate bags, treats and many keys en masse.

Do check out this wonderful site and the bags which start at $40.

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