Product Review: CUZ Hard Rubber Squeeky Dog Toy

Pet Product Review: CUZ Hard Rubber Squeeky Dog Toy

Today’s post is going to be nearly a wordless Wednesday. Because quite simply, I’m going to say that my dog Champ absolute favorite toy, and the favorite toy of all of his friends is his CUZ Hard Rubber Squeeky Dog Toy. Its so cute, resesembles a ball with feet. There is a good CUZ which is just round with feet, and a Bad CUZ which has little devilish horns. Very cute. Dog’s love the squeek. It is a bit insane, in fact, I do have to hide his CUZ toy every month, just to allieviate my headache caused by the squeeking.

bad cuz

Champ has had his CUZ toy for 5 full years and always knows where it can be found. I suggest you get one for your dog. They do come in 3 sizes for small, medium and large dogs. But the price is so right, why not buy all three in a special pack? The site: has them on sale for only 14.99.

champ with CUZcuz

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