Pet Product Review – QUICKER SLICKER READY TO USE 16 oz

Ok so I’m sitting here with my friend Barry who is a dog groomer. And I asked him, “Ok, what’s your number one favorite product?” reponse: Quicker Slicker spray and leave in conditioner.

quicker slicker

Barry swears by it! He said it the bomb! Quicker Sliker is really easy to use and does many jobs: conditioning, dematting and detangling spray. Quote “this is a groomers favorite and worth its weight in gold”. Simply spray lightly to make brushing out your pet before a bath easier or use a little extra and work in to those heavier mats then brush them out. Just spray it on a damp coat after bath and it cuts the brushing and drying time in half while leaving your pet soft, silky and smelling really great, a bit like cotton candy.

Also recommended are the colognes. They also use the products on Groomer Has It on Animal Planet.

Best place to buy Quicker Slicker is at the manufacturer’s website:

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