Product Review: Earth Bath Clear Advantages Shampoo

Pet Product Review – Earth Bath Clear Advantages Shampoo

Ok, many people may think that all of the products I test are sent to me by manufacturers. That’s not true. I’m always on the look out for great products that work and save money. I especially like products made in the USA and all natural. With that I bought a bottle of Earth Bath Clear Advantages Shampoo. I gave the bottle to my Groomer friend Barry for an honest and professional opinion.

Earth Bath

Earth Bath prides itself on being the company as being the company that is friendly for both friend and envirionment and only uses natural products:

Only hypoallergenic, non-soap cleansers. Purified water, natural cleansers, aloe vera, olive oil squalene (preservative), propyl paraben. All ingredients are natural, 100% biodegradable. I love the concept, but does it work?

Well, Barry’s exact words were: “doesn’t suds well, had to use three times the amount of shampoo to get the two dogs (he washed) clean. And there was no clean after smell. People who pay groomers want to have a clean, fresh smelling dog”.

So, you can use the Eart Bath products. They are safe, all natural, and no nonsense. But, if you’re looking for that groomer affect? I’d recommend something else.

Earth Bath products are found at PETCO and most other retailers.

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