Product Review: Happytails Bubbles ‘N Beads Shampoo & Conditioner

Pet Product Review – Happytails Bubbles ‘N Beads Shampoo & Conditioner 9oz

bubbles n beads

The pamphlet that came with the product sample sent to me by Happytails Canine Spa Line says: “Inside every mutt there’s a mutrosexual just dying to get out”. So I figured what better day to turn my Sheltie Champ into a “muttrosexual” than New Year’s Eve. With that we tried Happytails’ Bubbles ‘N Beads Shampoo and Conditioner.

Baths are baths, the experience is never quite fun. Although this was the first time I’ve ever used a product with beads in it. I don’t know what the beads do, but it was interesting to watch them dissolve. The pamphlet says they are “microencapsulated conditioner” which is pretty fancy. So, the bath is not fun, but the results are. They should have called Bubbles ‘N Beads the “Fluffinator” ! OMG! after Champ dried off, he was a gigantic cute and fluffy monster. He certainly was clean and his hair very soft. One thing I liked was that the shampoo did not have an overwhelming perfume as so many of them do. My one regret was that I did not have a bottle of Happytails Shimmering Mist to give his bath that extra glimmer.

So, as a shampoo I totally recommend Happytails Bubbles ‘N Beads. For ordering, go to At $17 for a 9oz bottle, this is a luxury pet spa product. But knowing that Happytails at a company only uses the very best ingredients and upholds the highest possible environmental, social and ethical standards, and made in the USA, its worth it.

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