FUR+BODY Organic Petcare Collection With Aloe Vera & Aromatherapy Oils

Pet Product Review – FUR+BODY organic petcare collection with aloe vera & aromatherapy oils

FUR+BODY organic petcare for dogs

A simple idea that makes loads of sense: Share the same soothing and aromatic ingredients we use in our human grooming products with our four-legged friends! The FUR+BODY line of dog grooming products contain aloe vera, jojoba and other natural, essential oils, turning the chore of giving the dog a bath into something that is actually pleasant and relaxing for both of you. Unless of course your dog has an aversion to anything wet (no matter how great it smells), in that case I recommend a glass of wine before and after the bathing process (for you, not the dog)!
FUR+BODY petcare with aloe vera & aromatherapy oils
After giving Sam the FUR+BODY spa experience, Nikki had this to say, “I loved these products because they really got Sam clean, they didn’t just cover up the dog smell with an over-powering perfume smell. The shampoo had a great citrus smell and lathered up really easily. After rinsing the shampoo, Sam already felt soft! The conditioner went on easily, but did not feel greasy. When we were finished, he looked handsome and didn’t smell like wet dog, which has been our experience with most grooming products. We used the refresher on Lily and she smells beautiful even after several hours, but the smell isn’t overpowering.”

FUR+BODY shampoo, conditioner and refreshing spray are sold in 8 oz bottles and come in 3 fragrances: Orange Citrus, Alpine Meadow and Autumn Lilly. You can purchase them for $8.99 a bottle on the bark4green.com website. Visit fur+body.com for more information on the healing and calming effects of the FUR+BODY line of petcare.

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