Prduct Review: Greenies Smart Biscuit, Double Green Chunk

Pet Product Review – Greenies Smart Biscuit, Double Green Chunk

Ever have your dog greet you with a warm loving lick and snuggle? Isn’t it great? But wouldn’t it be so much nicer if his breath was fresh, clean and inviting? The people at Greenies sure think so, and so do I. They’ve created a new product called Greenies Smart Biscuit. It’s different from other Greenies products in that it is a crunchy daily treat, a biscuit.

Now, I’ve found the traditional Greenies products to be a bit hit or miss with dogs and cats. Either, they lover them and consume with shear delight, or the green chips go against all canine and feline forces of nature. The later is the case with my dog Champ. The Greenies Smart Biscuit however is different. Champ likes the biscuit. And when I gave a sample to our friend Max the Golden, he loved it too.

What I like about the Greenies Smart Biscuit is that it comes from a company that values the importance of your pets’ dental health, so much so, that that’s all they do. The Greenies Smart Biscuit is not designed to clean teeth, but rather make the breath fresh. Ingredients like gluten free corn meal, apple and honey, and most of all Chlorophyll give the biscuit its intelligence. What has stayed the same is the distinctive Greenies shape and color.


Greenies is very generous with free samples. Go to and get your free samples today.

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