Product Review: Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Liver Treats

Pet Product Review – Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Liver Treats 8oz

Sometimes I get a product sample that is just so great on many levels. That’s how I felt when the good people at Cloud Star sent me a full 8oz bag fo tricky Trainers. Finally, a great product that is perfectly designed for puppies and small dogs, especially during that important stage of puppy training. After letting Champ have a sample, I gave the bag to my neighbor who has a new little puppie named GiGi and is looking for as much help as possible.

cloud star tricky trainers

Here is what I love about the Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Liver Treats:

* Both dogs totally love these little snacks that are jam packed with liver taste.

* Becaues they are corn free, they’re low in calories, only 2 calories per treat.

* They are the perfect size for a small and frequent reward/treat. And they are the perfect size for little dogs.

* They don’t crumble, or fall apart like some biscuits, so they are great to keep in your pocket while training and walking your dog.

* AFFORDABLE ! Less than $4 per bag

* Finally a nutritious healthy dog treat that is made in the USA !!!

* Cloud Star donates 10% of all profits from the sale of their products to non for profits that help benefit animals.

What more can you ask for a truly unique and delicious product that is not loaded in fat, grains, and fits your budget and social concious. I love it. Kudos to Cloud Star. Many stores and online retailers sell Cloud Star Tricky Trainers Liver Treats 8oz. Go to as a recommendation.

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