Product Review: Ol’ Roy Kibbles Chunks n Chews

Pet Product Review: Walmart Ol’ Roy Kibbles Chunks n Chews

If you have not been to the pet corner of a Walmart store recently, I recommend going. Walmart simply has nearly everything a pet owner of every kind needs. And the prices are amazing. On my last trip to Walmart, I did go with the purchase intention of well known super premium kibble. I did find what i was looking for, and the price was right, but I opted to try something new Ol’ Roy Kibbles Chunks n Chews. The brightly colored 20 lbs bag cost less than $10.

Yes, I admit, it was the price that was the driving factor as to why I bought this “house” brand of dog food. But as you know, if you have to throw the food away because your dog won’t eat it; well thats certainly not economical. Surprising, my dog Champ really enjoyed this kibble. It did not phase him that it was a new brand, or a more economical brand, he ate contently. 3 months later is enoying the same food from the economy size bag.

I did some research and found that Ol’ Roy is manufactured by a very large and super respected pet food manufacturer. The same manufacturer that creates some of my favorite pet brands. So, I feel good that it’s American made and under the strictest supervision. I was also endeared by the story that Sam Walton had a faithful companion bird dog named Ol’ Roy, the two were inseparable; hence the name Ol’ Roy.

All in all I highly recommend this Walmart brand.