Product Review: Poop-Freeze

Pet Product Review: Poop-Freeze

Yes, this is a real product. But all joking aside, I want to like the concept of this product. Having multiple pets, yes, I occassionally have those “muddy” situations when our “business” is a bit runny, or an unwelcomed hairball spots the carpet. I would love a product that would allow me to point, freeze then toss that poop like a rock.

Yes, this product is environmentally safe to the ozone and help make clean up easier, but it’s not magic. It’s probably difluoroethane, the compressed air chemical they sell as computer Dust-Off. Let me tell you, spray Dust-off continuously on anything for 10 seconds, it will be cold; Frozen? I don’t think so. And if you need to carry the handy advertised carry all bag? Everday? Well, then your problems certainly won’t be solved by Poop-Freeze. It means your pet has some serious health problem, and a vet should be consulted.

If you want to make your friends chuckle, send this blog post to them. Do not buy a can for $11.99 on a site like go to Staples and get 3 cans for $6 of computer duster.

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