Pet Vehicle Barriers Don’t Be a FOOL

Pet vehicle barriers Don’t Be a FOOL to what barriers are actually safe and work. These are placed between the front and back seats and are supposed to prevent the dog from jumping back and forth causing a disturbance between the pet parent and their dog. But these are also supposed to keep the pet and human occupants safe during an accident.

So lets not be FOOLED a barrier like a pair of pants are not one size fits all. My grandmother would always say her elastic waist pants fit everyone, are you kidding skin tight poly pants do not fit everyone just like vehicle barriers.

First don’t buy an after market barrier tip #1 they are not made to fit any and all vehicles, plus most have NEVER been crash tested.

Tip #2 no Velcro, straps, suction cups as these are not SAFE even in a low speed accident or stop. We are talking crash-test failures.

Tip #3 Installed by automotive dealer or service shop is a must and that product needs to be made by that manufacturer for that vehicle for that year vehicle.

Tip #4 secured into the vehicle not hooked to a headrest.

Tip #5 the 1/2 barriers that got between the two front bucket seats, are you kidding what would that stop— NOTHING

So if you follow these simple five tips for pet vehicle barriers you won’t be fooled into buying a product that can kill or injure you, your passengers like children or your pets.

The photos shows an actual pet vehicle barrier that has been crash tested properly and passed, plus is secured into the vehicle, made by the automotive manufacturer for that vehicle and fits that vehicle plus is a automotive dealer installed safety accessory.

Photo is the 2009 Volvo XC90 pet barrier made by Volvo for that specific vehicle and is crash tested. Also in the photo is IL Sheriff and Marshall the bomb sniffing dog. This product has received the Bark Buckle UP Safety Seal