Pet Safety Lady Gets Dirty in the 2011 Range Rover HSE Sport

There are a lot of crossovers and SUVs on the market, but few match the upscale look and feel of the Range Rover Sport. Starting at $60,495, this high-end utility vehicle isn’t for everyone, but this big SUV has something for everyone who owns one. For the driver, this Land Rover is chock-full of high end materials ranging from leather that would look nice in the living room of a mansion to real wood accents that adds to the visual splendor. And who wants a high-end luxury SUV that doesn’t drive like a dream? The Range rover sport features a coddling four-corner air suspension that soaks up bumps and pot holes to the point that you’ll hardly notice their existence. And even though the Range Rover Sort is a 5,500 pound utility vehicle, it still feels responsive enough to wear the Sport badge. The nimble chassis is complimented by steering that provides variable feedback based on driving style. (click here for more pictures) (Plus more videos below)

The engineers at Land Rover know that many owners have pets, so plenty of effort was made to ensure that your precious cargo is as comfortable as you are. The Range Rover Sport features a very generous 33.8 cubic feet of cargo space, or 71 cubes if you stow the second row seats. One very cool feature is an optional cargo barrier that separates your pets from other cargo. And the area behind the second row can be fitted with a loadspace rubber mat that eliminates pet carrier sliding while also serving as an easy to clean surface. Passengers don’t like to be too hot or too cold, either, and Land Rover provides an easy to use automatic climate control system. You can make it cooler or warmer for the pets out back as well, which we’re sure your bone-fetching friend will appreciate. An interesting option is an electric cool bag that plugs into a 12 volt auxiliary socket. The 15 inch by 8.66 inch bag can swallow up 14 liters of food and beverage for both you and your pet. We like this idea more than a bulky refrigeration unit that you probably won’t use most of the time.

On the safety front, the Range Rover Sport features a full compliment of front, side and side curtain airbags. The Range Rover Sport also features available adaptive cruise control, which eliminates the need to continually adjust your cruise settings as those around you speed up and slow down. With adaptive cruise, you simply set the desired speed and radar sensors gauge the speed of vehicles around you, keeping your high-end SUV at arms length without having to constantly brake. And when you’re pulling out of the driveway without your pet in tow, it’s nice to know that the rear view camera is there so you can monitor your surroundings while backing up.

The Range Rover Sport is a very attractive vehicle both inside and out, and it features tons of luxury amenities you just don’t find in the run of the mill SUV. We think it’s a great option for pet owners who need lots of room, and demand first class accommodations.

“Enjoy the ride Be Smart Ride Safe buckle up the whole family”, said Pet Safety Lady.