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Pet Summer Vacation Take Them Along

Pet Safety Lady founder of Bark Buckle UP shows what you need for camping or hiking with your pets this summer.

by Christina Selter
June 6th, 2011

You’ve Come a Long Way, Sparky

By Carol Bryant, FIDO Friendly magazineMore than a few years ago, Bob Dylan bellowed, “the times they are a’changin,” and those same sentiments ring true today as the journey of a new year begins. More than a few aspects of Fido’s life have changed over the decades.Growing up, who amongst us remembers taking the family […]

by DogTime
January 18th, 2011

Pet Vehicle Barriers Don’t Be a FOOL

Pet vehicle barriers Don’t Be a FOOL to what barriers are actually safe and work. These are placed between the front and back seats and are supposed to prevent the dog from jumping back and forth causing a disturbance between the pet parent and their dog. But these are also supposed to keep the pet […]

by Christina Selter
September 26th, 2010

Pet Sitters International takes the pledge Be Smart Ride Safe

Be Smart Ride SafePet Sitters International asks members to take the pledgeSeptember 23, 2010 Orange, CA, Bark Buckle UP® has a new public service announcement that asks pet owners to take the pledge to “Be Smart, Ride Safe® buckle UP the whole family.” The Be Smart Ride Safe® PSA features Cesar Millan and his second-in-command, […]

by Christina Selter
September 25th, 2010

Stop the CAR What’s all the Barking About?

September 1, 2010 Los Angeles, CA World-renowned dog behaviorist Cesar Millan has teamed up with pet safety experts, Bark Buckle UP to launch a new public service announcement, asking pet owners to take the pledge to “Be Smart, Ride Safe.” The Be Smart Ride Safe PSA features Millan and his second-in-command, Blue Pit bull Junior, […]

by Christina Selter
September 20th, 2010

Pet Safety Lady Founder of Bark Buckle UP and AllState Insurance Pet Boating Safety

Today, more and more boaters are bringing their pets on board for a day on the water. Boat captains need to stop and think about a few simple steps that will ensure they and their pets have a fun, safe boating experience.Aug 26, 2010 – Today, more and more boaters are bringing their pets on […]

by Christina Selter
August 27th, 2010

ShamPAW Best Dog Wash Brush-Pet Safety Lady

Daily Life, LLC is excited to announce the release of its second product, a revolutionary new dog wash tool, the Shampaw™.The Shampaw™ makes washing your dog remarkably easy and fun! The patent-pending glove allows the user to get deep into the dog’s fur, creating a healthy and happy experience for both you and your pet.”I […]

by Christina Selter
July 20th, 2010
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