Launches Most Comprehensive Online Dog Breed Center

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., August 6, 2008– (, the premier destination for dog people, today announced the launch of its enhanced Dog Breed Center (, the most comprehensive guide to dog breeds on the Internet.

Users will find details on nearly 200 breeds in the new DogTime Dog Breed Center, including a dog’s unique personality, coat, color, size, care, feeding, grooming, health, and history. Profiles are now easily sorted by breed name, or dozens of breed characteristics, including compatibility with kids, amount of shedding, apartment appropriateness, ease of training, energy level, intelligence, playfulness and more.

“DogTime encourages the adoption of both pure breed and mixed breed dogs,” said DogTime CEO Trevor Wright. “Our new Breed Center provides insight into the key characteristics of every breed of dog and will help users better understand the make-up of mix breed dogs, which will help them choose a pet that is compatible with their lifestyles and thereby keep more dogs out of shelters.”

Breeds are now searchable by groups, such as Companion Dogs, Herding Dogs, Hounds, Hybrid Dogs, Mixed Breeds, Sporting Dogs, Terriers, and Working Dogs. Visitors to can also upload photos of their own dogs and post them on breed and mixed breed category pages. Forums are also available on each page to provide a platform for DogTime community members to discuss the merits of each breed.

“Understanding the unique qualities of a breed is an important first step when choosing a dog for your family,” says Dr. Ian Dunbar, renowned animal behaviorist and founder of the country’s leading dog training association. “But true compatibility can only be determined by spending time with a dog in a variety of environments to see how he reacts to you and you to him.”

The new DogTime Dog Breed Center includes links to the DogTime Matchup Quiz (, which helps users find the right breed for their personality and lifestyle, plus links to breed-specific rescue groups, and more than 30,000 dogs currently available for adoption from shelters and rescue groups across the country.

About DogTime:

DogTime Media ( is the country’s largest vertical media network focused exclusively on pets and pet enthusiasts. DogTime Media reaches 8.2 million highly engaged consumers via its network of more than 142 leading pet-focused websites and is anchored by (, the premier destination for dog people. DogTime Media actively supports the efforts of rescue groups and shelters nationwide to significantly reduce the number of homeless and neglected pets in the country. DogTime Media and DogTime are based in San Francisco, CA.