10 Ridiculous Ways To Dress Up Your Dog For The Holidays

Holiday festivities are in full swing, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t include your pup in on the fun. Here are some of the most ridiculous (but adorable) things you can dress your pooch up in for the holidays. Warning: Cuteness overload ahead.

For The Minimalist

Okay, so maybe you aren’t exactly the dress-your-dog-to-the-nines person, but you aren’t the Grinch, either. There are simple accessories for your four-legged friend that still spread the holiday spirit.

A simple set of socks will not only set off a chorus of “awws” at any holiday party, they will also protect your pup’s feet from salted sidewalks:

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Popping a bow on your dog’s collar is minimal effort, maximum cuteness:

(Photo credit: Instagram)

For The Holiday Enthusiast

For you, listening to Christmas music as soon as the plates are cleared off on Thanksgiving is not only acceptable, but enthusiastically enforced. Your dog is not going to simply don a holiday bandana — he’s going to be completely decked out.

Shops like Festified offer matching holiday sweaters for you and your pup. Is there anything that screams “merry and bright” more than matching sweaters? We think not.

(Photo Credit: Festified)

For the old school enthusiasts, you can’t go wrong with the classic reindeer look, as inspired by The Grinch. Your dog’s already adorable, and adding a set of reindeer ears will only amplify the cuteness.

(Photo Credit: Webstagram/HomeIsWhereTheBoatIs)

Your dog can be your little helper around the house. He cleans up any food that may have somehow ended up on the floor (or on any low surface), wake you up with a wagging tail, and instinctively know when you are having a bad day and need a snuggle. Dressing your pooch up as an elf is both merry and fitting.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with dressing your dog as the big man himself, good ole Santa Claus:

(Photo Credit: TheBerry/Instagram)

For The Holiday Fanatic

Maybe you just saw all of these photos and chuckled to yourself at their “cute” attempt to fully encapsulate all that the holiday season is. Child’s play, you say. Here are some ways to dress up your best friend, your holiday muse, in ways that can only be described as art.

(Photo Credit: esty)

If you get enough hounds to dress up as Dickens’ Carolers, you can parade them around your neighborhood and demand that your neighbors watch them “sing” at their doorsteps (see: howl).

Whatever your holiday style is, there is a way for your pup to reflect it. Are you planning on dressing up your dog for the holidays? Let us know below in the comments!


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