Which dog is most like your favorite baseball team?

As the month of August is sometimes referred to as the “dog days of summer,” ESPN writer Jim Caple compiled a list of dogs that best embody each team in Major League Baseball (MLB) (check out why these canines were selected for each team for the American and National League on ESPN).

Atlanta Braves: Snowy (a pooch in The Adventures of Tintin comics series).

Arizona Diamondbacks: Jack (Uggie, a Jack Russell Terrier from the Oscar-winning movie The Artist).

Baltimore Orioles: Benji (star of six movies that bear his name).

Boston Red Sox: Old Yeller (the ill-fated Labrador RetrieverMastiff mix in the book and movie of the same name).

Chicago Cubs: Mr. Peabody (time-traveling genius inventor).

Chicago White Sox: Rowlf (Muppet talking dog who can also play the piano).

Cincinnati Reds: Clifford the Big Red Dog (subject of several children’s books and TV).

Cleveland Indians: Sandy (Little Orphan Annie’s loyal dog).

Colorado Rockies: Fang (a Boarhound from the Harry Potter franchise).

Detroit Tigers: “The Beast” (English Mastiff in the movie The Sandlot).

Houston Astros: Astro (beloved family dog on The Jetsons).

Kansas City Royals: Toto (Dorothy’s Cairn Terrier in The Wizard of Oz).

Los Angeles Angels: Rex Hudler (baseball player nicknamed “Wonderdog”).

Los Angeles Dodgers: Rin Tin Tin (German Shepherd who was the star of movies and TV).

Miami Marlins: Pluto (Mickey Mouse’s faithful mutt).

Milwaukee Brewers: Scooby Doo (Great Dane who is also a detective).

Minnesota Twins: 101 Dalmatians (from the Disney movies of the same name).

New York Mets: Isis (Labrador Retriever on the show Downton Abbey).

New York Yankees: Lassie (Collie who starred in movies and TV shows).

Oakland Athletics: Gromit (genius dog from the Wallace and Gromit movie and short subjects).

Philadelphia Phillies: Brian (wisecracking Griffin family dog from Family Guy).

Pittsburg Pirates: Petey (Pit Bull with a ring around one eye from the Our Gang, or Little Rascals, movie series).

Seattle Mariners: Eddie (Jack Russell Terrier from the Frasier TV series).

Tampa Bay Rays: Tramp (mutt from the Disney animated feature Lady and the Tramp).

Texas Rangers: Old Dan (Redbone Coonhound in the book Where the Red Fern Grows).

Toronto Blue Jays: Underdog (an animated canine version of Superman).

San Diego Padres: Baxter (dog who was punted off a bridge in the movie Anchorman: The Legend of Don Burgundy).

San Francisco Giants: Snoopy (beloved Beagle from the Peanuts comic series).

St. Louis Cardinals: Spuds MacKenzie (Bull Terrier who promoted as the ultimate party animal for Bud Light).

Washington Nationals: Hound of Baskervilles (supernatural canine who was the centerpiece of the titular Sherlock Holmes novel).

Sources: ESPN, Wikipedia