Puppy Shower Games To Celebrate Your New Furry Family Member

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(Photo Credit: Shutterstock)

Thinking of making a furry addition to your family? Do you know someone else who is expanding their family in the canine capacity? Why not throw a puppy shower? It’s a great way to show your support for people who have decided to adopt a dog and saved a life. Unlike a baby shower, it doesn’t have to be all about gifts, but it is a great way to introduce the pup to his or her new extended family and friends. Instead of gifts, we recommend games!

There are lots of traditional baby shower games to draw on, and they take only some minor tweaking to make them suitable for puppy showers. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Guess The Pup’s Weight

Unlike a mom-to-be whose waist size is under scrutiny, the pup will never be offended. Best guess wins a small prize.

Who’s That Puppy?

Guests with dogs can bring in pictures from their puppy stage. The person to match the most puppy pics to the right adult dog gets a prize. (This isn’t much of a challenge, as you know. You’re basically giving the other guests a chance to show off pics of their dogs when they were younger or before their fabulous post-shelter makeovers.)

Name Contest

If you’re still searching for the perfect name for your pup, ask guests to come up with 10 suggestions and read them aloud. Add rules if you’d like, such as incorporating letters from your own name or the names of other pets. Guests can vote on their favorites. Another important rule: You don’t have to accept the one they like best.

Hide And Seek The Treat

This one’s for the dogs. Stash treats around the room and send the pup and his guests off on a wild treasure hunt. Of course, this is one to avoid if any of the dogs have food aggression issues.

Round Robins

Ask the guests to sit in a circle with the pup in the middle. One by one, the guests call the pup to them, and ask her to sit, lie down–whatever commands she knows–before sending her on to the next guest. Whoever gets the quickest, crispest responses from the puppy wins.

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