Halloween party decorations

At dog parties, the food and games may be for the dog guests. But decorations? Purely a people-pleasing effort.

The one caveat here is that the people you’re trying to please are looking out for your dogs. So best not to light candles, which can be toppled over by wagging tails. Or hang up rattling skeletons or activate the switch on moaning ghosts, which can terrify four-legged guests.

In other words, the decorations should be more festive than scary, even if it is Halloween.

In that spirit, enlarge pictures of your dog in a costume and tack it on the wall. Or, if that’s too expensive — because it can be — ask your human guests to send you pictures of their dogs ahead of time, preferably in costumes but don’t be too picky, and tape those pictures on a big posterboard and hang that up.

Orange and black helium balloons are always a safe bet. They’ll stay out of the way of the canine guests, and they do a nice job of dressing up outdoor spaces.

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