New Chicago Dog Food Company Battles Invasive Fish Species

(Image Credit: Getty Images)

Asian carp may soon become a worry of the past thanks to Chicagoans Mike Cody and Logan Honeycutt. What’s their solution? Turning the infamous fiendish fish into dog food!

The Asian carp will be the main source of protein for the year-old startup BareItAll Petfoods, along with other all natural ingredients. Currently, the product is being sold in around forty-five retail stores, strictly as dog treats right now, but they do plan to expand into the cat food market later this year.

Humans Hate It, Dogs Love it

Honeycut stated that the fish did not appeal to the human market, but he found that, surprisingly, no one had tried to move into the pet food arena with it yet. The duo tested first on their dogs, and then with friends dogs, who seemed to all really love the treat. This is great news, because the Asian carp is a lean protein with Omega-3 fatty acids, but does not contain high levels of mercury, arsenic, or other pollutants. 

Because the Asian carp is an invasive species, Chicago has been struggling with ways to fight the rapidly breeding and destructive fish for years. Hopefully, this new demand will help with this endeavor. 

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