Dog Behavior

  • Training a territorial dog

    Training a territorial dog

    Question: My dog is very territorial. Is there any way to “train” her out of that? Answer: Like most creatures, including humans, dogs are territorial by nature. This is based on the fact that possession of those resources deemed valuable (including territory) bodes well for survival. Some dogs are genetically predisposed to have a greater […]

  • Mixed messages if dog’s allowed on one couch but not the other?

    Mixed messages if dog’s allowed on one couch but not the other?

    Question: Am I sending my dog mixed messages if he’s allowed on one couch but not the other? Answer: The answer is: It depends. It depends on how simply and/or quickly you’d like to train your dog. The simplest way to keep the dog off your living room couch is to enforce an “off all […]

  • What’s worrying the modern dog?

    What’s worrying the modern dog?

    How to treat anxiety in today's dogs

  • Dog behavior solutions: Chewing

    Dog behavior solutions: Chewing

    Master trainer Ian Dunbar on puppy chewing problems

  • Dog digging

    Dog digging

    Master trainer Ian Dunbar on what to do with dogs who dig

  • Intro to housetraining

    Intro to housetraining

    The more time you devote to housetraining and the sooner you start, the faster and easier it will be.

  • Communicate with animals

    Communicate with animals

    Question: What is animal communication? Answer: Animal communication is the art of speaking to animals intuitively, otherwise known as telepathic communication. As an animal communicator, my role is to act as a “translator” or “mediator” to help both you and your animal gain a deeper understanding of one another. The term “animal communicator” is known […]

  • Speaking dog

    Speaking dog

    A highly abbreviated guide to speaking dog, including what hugging a dog, staring at a dog, and patting a dog's head will mean to the pooch and how he may react.

  • Share bed with dog?

    Share bed with dog?

    Question: Is it okay to let my dog sleep in bed with me? Answer: Experts have long disagreed about this question. Some think it’s acceptable since dogs are part of the family. Others protest that being literally on the same level as the owner gives a dog the idea that he’s on the same level […]

  • Prevent dog collar sensitivity?

    Prevent dog collar sensitivity?

    Question: How do I prevent my dog from getting sensitive about collar grabs? Answer: Twenty percent of dog bites occur when a family member grabs the dog by the scruff or collar. One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out why. Obviously, the dog has learned that when people grab his collar, […]

  • Dog collar sensitivity?

    Dog collar sensitivity?

    Question: My dog hates being grabbed by the collar. What can I do? Answer: It’s important to treat the problem. Twenty percent of dog bites occur when a family member grabs the dog by the scruff or collar. The dog’s learned that when he’s grabbed by the collar, bad things happen, and he reacts defensively. […]

  • Train dog to be polite during meals?

    Train dog to be polite during meals?

    Question: How do I train my dog to be polite and well behaved while the rest of us are eating dinner? Answer: Behind every dog who begs at the table is (usually) a human who’s given in to those pleading canine looks. That said, it’s important to reiterate the age-old rule: “Never feed your dog […]

  • Downside to smart dog?

    Downside to smart dog?

    Question: What’s the downside of having a smart dog? Answer: Surprisingly, there are quite a few. Smart dogs actually learn to “work” the system, and they pick up the naughty stuff just as quickly as they learn the good-behavior stuff. Most importantly, though, smart dogs are the most easily bored and understimulated. Unfortunately, boredom and […]

  • Communicate with dogs?

    Communicate with dogs?

    Question: You say that anybody can talk with their animals. I want to learn, but I don’t think I’m intuitive enough. How can I tell if I’m intuitive? Answer: The hardest part of animal communication is believing that you can do it. I can teach a kid how to talk with animals in 10 minutes. […]

  • Stop dog from chewing my shoes?

    Stop dog from chewing my shoes?

    Question: My dog loves to eat shoes! How do I get her to stop? Answer: Your shoes are a strange combination of everything your dog loves: they’re chewy and they smell like you. One dog told me that her owner should think of her shoe chewing as a compliment! Most dogs feel guilty after they’ve […]

  • Preventing post-poop kicking?

    Preventing post-poop kicking?

    Question: Why do dogs kick and scratch after pooping? Answer: I don’t know, and I don’t think anyone has studied this subject, but my guess is that scent travels better when attached to particulate in the air, so kicking up some dust helps spread the scent. The good news is that, even if you don’t […]

  • Bad for dog to walk through door before me?

    Bad for dog to walk through door before me?

    Question: Why do I need to keep my dog from going through the door ahead of me? Answer: It used to be believed that a dog who goes through a door ahead of his owner “thinks” he’s alpha. That’s supposedly because in a wolf pack whenever there’s an opening for the group to go through, […]

  • Happy dog?

    Happy dog?

    Question: I love my dog Destiny so much, but I find myself worrying that maybe I’m not doing enough for her. Can you tell me if Destiny is happy? And equally important, does she know how much I love her? Answer: You are not alone in asking and wondering if your dog is happy and […]

  • Choosing a good dog trainer

    Choosing a good dog trainer

    And why it's important to have one

  • Raising a dog-friendly dog

    Raising a dog-friendly dog

    Teaching your dog to be safe & friendly

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