3 More Rescued Pit Bulls Join K9 Narcotics Divisions

Pit Bulls are terribly misunderstood dogs. Because most people associate them with aggression, they’re often the least adopted dogs in shelters all across America. Sadly, they’re also often the most euthanized. But thankfully, there are people out there who are fighting to change that, and police forces are starting to work with these deeply stigmatized dogs, which helps grow more understanding and appreciation for Pit Bulls.

Previously, DogTime reported on Pit Bulls who joined their working dog compatriots in assisting K9 units. Luckily, that trend seems to have caught on. Police departments around the country increasingly rely on Pit Bulls to assist them in their work. With German Shepherds and other, more typical police dogs becoming more expensive to obtain and train, many smaller police departments turn to Pit Bulls as additions to their K9 units!

Here, we highlight a few more brave Pitties who recently joined the force and help law enforcement officers every day to make us safer. And from the looks of things, these pups in blue are having the times of their lives!


Meet Wildflower (what an adorable name!), the first Pit Bull to join the K9 narcotics division in South Carolina. According to Throw Away Dogs Project, she was a rescue who quickly made her way to the team out in Wetumka, Oklahoma. She made her first drug bust not too long after.

Way to go, Wildflower! You make us proud! If you’d like to stay up-to-date with Wildflower and the work she’s doing, her Facebook Page is K9 Wildflower.


Just shy of being euthanized, Jasper is now a member of the Kennard Police Department, thanks, once again, to the efforts of Throw Away Dogs Project. The department brought Jasper on to help fight the growing opioid epidemic that affects many small towns in Indiana. His human partners are so happy to have him on board helping them out.

Additionally, the department has started a GoFundMe for the organization as a means to thank them for the work they have put into their most recent dogs, including Jasper.


Dallas was destined to be another fighting dog; however, fortunately for him, his pregnant mother was rescued just before giving birth to Dallas and his siblings. Now serving in the town of Honaker, Virgina, this Pit Bull has a new lease on life. He works side by side with the K9 unit tracking down narcotics.

Are you excited to see more Pit Bulls joining police forces? Also, do you think this trend of using Pit Bulls on K9 teams will continue? Let us know in the comments below!