Dog Dental Care

  • Dog Toothbrushes

    Dog Toothbrushes

    Your dog's dental health is just as important as your own. Well maintained teeth and gums will lead to a healthier dog and fresher breath. Start with our dog toothbrush reviews.

  • Best Dog Dental Care

    Best Dog Dental Care

    Despite the fact that proper dog dental care is essential to good health in your pooch, statistics show that two-thirds of all pet owners do not take care of their pets' teeth as recommended by their veterinarians.

  • Cleaning your dog’s teeth

    Cleaning your dog’s teeth

    We all know how important it is for us humans to brush our teeth daily for good health, clean teeth and fresh breath.

  • Good dog, bad teeth

    Good dog, bad teeth

    Ever wonder what the most common health problem is for dogs? It’s periodontal disease. A staggering 75-80 percent of dogs two and a half years and older may start to develop trouble with their teeth. Tooth and gum problems can become painful and serious if left untreated and may possibly cause your dog to become […]

  • Petkin Liquid Oral Care

    Petkin Liquid Oral Care

    Product review of Petkin's breath freshener for dogs

  • Triple Pet All Natural Toothpaste

    Triple Pet All Natural Toothpaste

    Product review of Triple Pet's toothpaste for dogs

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