Prevent dog collar sensitivity?


How do I prevent my dog from getting sensitive about collar grabs?


Twenty percent of dog bites occur when a family member grabs the dog by the scruff or collar. One doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out why. Obviously, the dog has learned that when people grab his collar, bad things often happen, and he reacts defensively.

To prevent this from ever happening with your dog, you’ll need to teach your puppy that being grabbed by the collar isn’t so bad–in fact, it’s often a good thing.

…let your puppy play uninterrupted and then take him by the collar to end the play session–he’ll naturally begin to dislike you reaching for his collar.

…frequently interrupt play sessions by taking your puppy by the collar, asking him to sit, praising him, offering a piece of kibble, and then letting him go back to play. Repeat this procedure throughout the day, reaching for his collar faster and faster the more you practice. Do this exercise at home and, when your pup’s old enough, in the dog park. Your puppy will soon develop happy associations with being grabbed.

… drag your puppy into his crate by the collar. Otherwise he’ll understandably learn to dislike being taken by the collar, as well as going into his crate.

…teach your puppy to enjoy his time in his crate, so he’ll go there willingly.

…grab your puppy by the collar to reprimand or punish him. Doing this just once will make him hate being grabbed by the collar, and he’ll soon become hand-shy.

…take him regularly by the collar to give him a treat, snap on the leash for a walk, or for other rewards and activities he likes.

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