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  • Max 200 drl file 0076

    Tracy Whittington And Labi

    Location: Kinshasa, Congo
    Together Since: 2005
    Type: Basenji / Mutt mix
  • Max 200 image

    Jessica And Simba

    Location: Carson,Ca
    Together Since: 2011
    Type: Shih Tzu / Lhasa Apso mix
  • Max 200 mocha christmas 2009 light 20strand

    Stacy And Mocha

    Location: Franklin, TN
    Together Since: 2007
    Type: German Shorthaired Pointer
  • Max 200 paco 20  20jack

    Ruskle And Paco

    Location: San
    Together Since: 2010
    Type: Labrador Retriever / German Shepherd Dog mix
  • Max 200 arthur puppy

    Nicole And Arthur

    Location: Oakland
    Together Since: 2010
    Type: American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Max 200 mom n squirt 2

    Amy And Squirt

    Location: Genoa City, WI
    Together Since: 2004
    Type: Dachshund
  • Max 200 joe1 jpg

    Lori Dixon And Joe B

    Location: petfinder NY
    Together Since: 2002
    Type: Cairn Terrier / Chinese Crested mix
  • Max 200 me 20and 20jack

    Deborah Cole And Jack

    Location: Frisco, TX
    Together Since: 2009
    Type: American Pit Bull Terrier / Chinese Shar-Pei mix
  • Max 200 me 20and 20mo 20columcille

    Laura Michaels And Mowgli

    Location: Rural New Mexico
    Together Since: 2007
    Type: Alaskan Malamute / Collie mix