Police “Adopt” A Goldendoodle Pup They Rescued From A Rollover Car Crash

police officer stands with stella

(Picture Credit: Michigan State Police via WLNS6)

When Michigan State Police arrived at the scene of a one car rollover accident on a stretch of highway, they got to work on saving the 59-year-old driver from the wreck. She was sent to the hospital with serious injuries. But she wasn’t the only one police saved that day. They also found a scared Goldendoodle pup named Stella cowering in a small pet carrier. 

Stella naps on a desk

(Picture Credit: Michigan State Police via WLNS6)

Instead of releasing the dog to animal control or a local kennel, the police decided to take Stella back to the station for safekeeping. As they tried to track down Stella’s family, everyone at the station unofficially “adopted” the small, sweet pup. They jokingly said they recruited her for police duty, but she was more interested in taking a nap on a secretary’s desk. It was an exhausting day, after all.

Stella naps

(Picture Credit: Michigan State Police via WLNS6)

The family was eventually located, and they came to pick Stella up on the way to visit the injured driver in the hospital. Stella’s days on the force may be over, but she won’t be forgotten by the officers who took her in and made sure she stayed safe and comfortable during this scary time.

Are you happy to see officers helping a sweet pup in need? Do you think Stella would make a good station dog? Let us know in the comments below!

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