Arkansas Police Rescue Dog Hanging From Car Window

Police found a small dog hanging from the side window of a pickup truck in Arkansas City and used their duty knife to cut the dogs leash to release him.

Sadly it seemed as if the dog had already passed but the Police Officer didn’t give up. He gently applied pressure to the dogs side and after a few minutes the dog responded and showed signs that he was recovering.

The dog seemed to make a full recovery according to, and was standing on his own.

Arkansas City Police Department released these photos of the rescue.

Thanks to Sergeant Jason Legleiter and Officer Wade Hammond of the Arkansas City Police Department for saving the life of this little dog.

We appreciate that this person left the windows down for the dog, but tethering a dog near an open window or any place where they could fall and end up hanging themselves like a fence or gate, is a bad idea. It’s really better to leave your dog at home.