7 Times Heroes Smashed Windows To Save Dogs From Hot Cars [VIDEOS]

Smashed car window from recent theft in Brooklyn.

(Picture Credit: William Andrew/Getty Images)

There’s no shortage of people who don’t use their brains in the world. Few things break my heart more than hearing about dogs who are hurt or killed by their humans’ poor choices.

One of the most preventable causes of deadly heat stroke and dehydration in dogs is being left in hot cars. Some people don’t understand — or don’t care — that a car is like an oven on a hot day, and whatever the temperature may be outside, the inside of a car gets much hotter very quickly.

When we see dogs trapped in hot cars, we want to help. There are, of course, several steps to take and things to consider before breaking a car window to save a dog, but let’s be honest. You’re not here for that. You’re here to see the window smashings!

So without further ado, here are seven times heroes smashed car windows to save dogs from hot cars.

1. Busting Out The Frenchie

This video shows just how much hotter a car can be than the outside temperature. It’s about 75 degrees Fahrenheit outside and 113 degrees inside the car.

Brachycephalic dogs — dogs with short snouts — already have more trouble breathing in the heat, so the French Bulldog in the car was in big trouble.

Luckily, the animal control officer on the scene had a device that blasted the car window with a most satisfying smash, and the pup was saved.

2. Get Ready To Rock

A Good Samaritan in Ontario saw a dog in a hot car parked at a music festival, and he got his chance to rock out to the applause of a captive audience.

Even though an announcement was made over a loudspeaker at the festival, the owners were nowhere to be found, so the man picked up a rock and hurled it through the car window.

The pup was given plenty of water and taken into police custody.

3. Free The Puppy

The cries from the puppy at the beginning of this video are heartbreaking, but the bodycam footage captures the moment Officer Anthony Giorgio blasted through the car window to save the poor thing.

The owners returned to the car and seemed more upset about the window than the fact that they almost killed the dog.

The puppy was eventually given back to them and they were fined. So not a whole lot of justice was served, but I certainly hope this was a wake-up call for them.

4. Seven Dogs From One Car

When an officer approached a hot vehicle full of dogs, apparently the pups had already been locked inside for two days.

I’m not sure why the dogs were there for so long or why the officer didn’t get to smashing right away like I would have, but she did her best to slip water to the pups through the windows. Her plans weren’t working too well, so eventually a window had to die.

The dogs were freed and sent to much better, safer homes.

5. Chippin’ Away

The officer in this video is a little more careful with his technique, and he smashes the smallest window on the car.

He chips away at it like he’s breaking up ice for a cocktail, so it’s not quite as satisfying as some of the other smashes on this list, but he does break the dog free, and that’s what’s important.

Good work, officer!

6. K9 Partner Safe And Sound

Here’s a strange case. A police dog named Ox went missing while tracking a suspect. The pup was discovered six hours later by his human partner.

Ox had been locked in a vehicle for a while, and he was lucky that the weather was overcast. If it had happened a day earlier when the weather was much hotter, things might have turned out differently.

The officer busted his partner out of the truck, and Ox was saved.

7. Pit Bull Cools Off

When a Pit Bull was trapped in a hot car, a police officer on the scene wasted no time. He busted out the window.

The poor dog was so eager to escape that he crawled out the window before the door was even opened and made for the shade.

You can tell by the panic on the pup’s face that things are serious. Luckily, the pooch was given some water and pulled through.

Would you smash a car window to save a dog’s life? Do you think people who lock dogs in hot cars should face punishment? Let us know in the comments below!