Puppy Burned And Dropped 4 Stories For Chewing Phone Inspiring Recovery

A young woman walking by saw the heart wrenching sight of what appeared to be a badly burned puppy lying on the ground near an apartment building.

Whoever owned the puppy previously, felt that chewing a phone, warranted a horrific death sentence. He was burned with scalding hot water before being tossed from a 4th story balcony.

With a sense of urgency to save this precious life, Yan Yinging, scooped up the lifeless body and raced him to a vet. She drove the puppy there, every single day for a week. His condition was not improving. He seemed to be in need of a more knowledgeable facility and the pup eventually wound up and Animals Asia.

The doctors at Animals Asia have seen abuse and neglect first hand but even they were not prepared for the sight of the little puppy that seemed to be fighting for his life. After being let down by the human that was suppose to love and protect this tiny creature, they decided that they were not going to let this little puppy down also. They wanted to do everything they could to give him a second chance at a happy life.

When first arriving the little dog was in such excruciating pain that just sitting down was a painful effort. He was not able to close his eyes because the skin had been so badly burned.

After months of round the clock care, you would not recognize Tuffy today! Named for being such a tuff little guy and not just giving up after being tortured and discarded.

Yan Yingying is a saint to this little dog and his guardian angel. She paid all of his medical bills herself and has become his new protector and human.

Thanks to everyone that was involved in this moving and inspiring story.

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