Shelter dogs and orphans

PupTalk with Eva Dalton, June 29, 2011

Eva makes an important fashion statement.

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Hi, it’s me again. I thought it would be a good time to do an update on Snoopy and some new dogs I met working at BARC (Brooklyn Animal Rescue Coalition) every weekend. I wanted this article to be about success stories and I checked with Christina at BARC and she said that in the last two months, 20 dogs have been adopted! Christina is a French teacher. She has worked at the shelter for 10 years and she learned about dogs from Robert. The owners names are Vinnie and Tony. BARC was started in 1987! Now here are some succsess stories.

Eva cuddles Snoopy the Shih Tzu.


First, let’s discuss Snoopy. As I said, Snoopy is a very very well trained, six year old Shih Tzu who knows his name. There is a family who really likes Snoopy and Tatiana says they might want to adopt him, but they can’t right now because they are on vacation. If they don’t adopt him, I just know someone else will.

Eva walks Pepsi, Chihuahua mix.


I know you have not heard about this dog before but she is a very sweet Chihuahua mix and…JUST GOT ADOPTED! I took her on a walk right after she got the news and her personality is – how do you say it? She is curious of things on the street. She licks the sidewalk and picks up things as she walks. But she has a spring in her step and she does a little prance while she walks!

Eva and Honey, keeping it cool in the shade.

Annie (not a dog)

I sing and my favorite musical is Annie. The reason why I think I like to walk the dogs is because the dogs are like orphans and we’re just trying to help them find a home. Another way the dogs are like Annie is they are always hopeful and excited when they leave to go on walks because they might meet their new family. If other people could come to shelters to see these dogs, they would see very nice dogs that are like Annie and they wouldn’t want to buy dogs from pet stores. If you want a dog and you live in New York City, come to BARC in Williamsburg!